Levelling up through reflections from peer review

Photo by Andrey Metelev on Unsplash

Exploring my peer’s ventures into game analysis was an interesting experience yet mildly challenging. Everyone had such a diverse approach to the task at hand, which kept me on my toes as I was able to have a very different experience with each comment.

Jacob will be playing a not so popular Fifa mode in order bring awareness and create community. 
Check out the blog here

Carla had a lot to say around Cyberpunk 2077. Check out the blog here

Remy had a very different approach to the task as she is developing her own game. 
Check out the blog here

Some self reflections:

Remy proposed such a different project that took me by surprise leading me to dive deeper into what she was trying to propose. She also touched on some intense topics that I was personally uncomfortable with – the silver lining being that I was able to provide some ethical background information, which was also insightful for me to be aware of, as the game I have chosen to investigate has also been connected to some ethical issues.

With Carla, I was very engaged about her topics and approach so I tried to offer what I thought might be of interest to her as I felt I had a bit of background about the genre.

From my comments I can gather that I have quite a positive approach and may need to be more critical on areas that could be expanded.

I could connect some similarities in Jacob’s project to my own in the sense of analysing community through his post-structuralist approach which Carla mentions also. This benefit my understanding and I could see myself exploring this framework with World of Warcraft in terms of of players and why they choose which version to play and why they’ve been playing it for so long.

Jacob’s camera filming approach is also something that I hope to incorporate eventually and commend his courage. The way he is adding some humour into his DA is awesome and I also had this in mind with my video essay’s but didn’t think to mention it, as in turn it makes his content a lot more appealing to a general wider audience.

Peer review’s have definitely permanently changed my perspective when approaching assignments or presentations from now on and feel a lot more confident when producing future work.

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