My experience so far: The beta

The DA I have been working on this semester revolves around the media niche of #girlgamers on TikTok (females in gaming). I have been posting short TikTok videos that revolves around gaming related hashtags.

TikTok enables #girlgamers to network, share knowledge, inspire and uplift each other without negativity. I have found that it has become an outlet for me to connect with others that share the same interests as me that are very rare to find in my real life. TikTok enables niche content to be found as the for you page is modelled to be very targeted to your “specific tastes in content”. (Mendiola, 2021

It is commonly visually expressed through a very feminine aesthetic as more deeply explained in my last blog post, and thus establishes itself as a thriving network. TikTok videos in this niche is commonly supplemented by Twitch content, where females actively participate and engage with game media content and use it to connect to a wider audience.

Following peer review I lacked to specify ethical consideration. In my ethnographic and auto-ethnographic approach I focus solely on my experiences and do not need to mention any thing said by others or that of their names because “Under some conditions, the research may actually result in harm.”(Mertens, D 2014) as recommended by ethic regulators in ethnographic research. I have also had to practice reflexivity as I was struggling to seperate my previous knowledge of experiences in this niche and needed to be more present to be able to expand on the media niche.

Video References:

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  1. Hey Andrea! Firstly I wanted to say great work so far, I really liked how you took advantage of Instagram Stories and the affordances and realized their value in relation to your DA. Through personal experience, I too have noticed that a consistent aesthetic make a massive difference to the way the audience members interact with videos that are the same in aesthetic – there is a reason why all Apple store look the same around the world because it’s proven that as humans we are drawn to what is familiar and safe. Your incorporation of the times and what is happening around us is a smart decision as we can all relate. My only feedback would be to eventually create perhaps more daily content if you wish for your project to expand and remain consistant.


  2. hey, hey!!

    i really, really love your DA! im not that much of gamer myself and part of that is simply from the negativity and discredition when it comes to it and gender 😦 i think this is such an interesting topic, and you clearly have a personal attachment and understanding. this has benefited you because just from opening you blog post and video i can clearly see your personal/online persona.
    your video is lovely, and as someone who is doing a DA semester for another class on sound design in games i enjoyed the music aspect you included!
    you have outlined everything really well, touching on point and understanding from lectures, maybe touch/spend a bit more time on framework (its something i struggle with/forgot too).
    everything flows nicely, your set up, execution and aesthetic is lovely and i look foward to seeing more. i have added these articles on women struggles in game spaces, which might inspire to share the importance of female spaces/personal stories as why this is important to you 🙂


  3. Hey Andrea,

    Love your DA so much. As someone who wants to get into gaming it was so nice to see someone looking into this topic. Your pitch was upbeat and showed a great amount of evidence of ideation and experimentation. Diving into the analytics on platforms such as twitch and tiktok is so important for everyone when looking to make there DAs as it is vital in the marketing and obtaining of audience and user information. Something I did not that I have not seen a lot, well heard is a better term, is the music you incorporated throughout the video, it kept the beta really interesting and easy to watch.

    My DA is also largely influenced by the current aesthetics and what is and isn’t considered popular on social media platforms, so it was really interesting to see the effects of following trends and how that affected your audience interactions.

    You did touch on it at the end of the video for your future plans and that is to incorporate more scholarly findings for your research. This is something that I have also found that I need to do but didn’t prioritise but after seeing your video it showed to me how it may be able to strengthen the overall project.

    Congrats on the great video


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